January 9: Let’s Celebrate “Word Nerd” Day!

There is always something to celebrate when you are a logophile*.

“Word Nerds” should always feel aplomb* because while some find a particularly beautiful situation ineffable*, the logophile always finds a word that is apropos* for the situation. Whether it is the petrichor* or nikhedonia*, putting your finger on just the right word is truly elysian*.

When the world is all cattywampus*, and people feel bumfuzzled*, the logophile might come across as being a pauciloquent* when in actuality, she is looking for just the right word, which can leave her feeling wabbit*.

While some people value expensive jewelry or cars, the logophile sees them as a boondoggle*, as gubbins*, simply foppish*. The logophile has abibliophobia* because books are the source of word magic.

Sometimes logophiles will constellate* and may even engage in logomachy*, but their love of words is ethereal*. Whether they are sesquipedalian* or more laconic*, finding the perfect word is a eucatastrophe*.

learning a new word today!

logophile — lover of words

aplomb — self-confident

ineffable — too great to be expressed in words

apropos — appropriate

petrichor — the pleasant, earthy smell after rain

nikhedonia – the feeling of excitement or elation that comes from anticipating success.

elysian – blissful, delightful

cattywampus — in disarray

bumfuzzle – confuse, fluster, perplex

pauciloquent — someone who doesn’t say much

wabbit — exhausted

boondoggle — a waste of time and money

gubbins — an object that has little or no value

foppish — foolish, silly, obsolete

abibliophobia — afraid of running out of things to read

constellate – to gather together in a cluster or group

logomachy – an argument about words

sesquipedalian – long winded

laconic – using very few words

eucatastrophe – a happy ending

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